Design Build North County & Realty is a unique design-build approach that provides a one-stop-shop for real estate purchases, architectural designs, and construction. In addition to traditional design-build services and home sales, we specialize in helping home buyers make the home they can afford into a home they love. 

Design Build North County unites with Excellence RE | Leighton Real Estate to bring you end-to-end services to meet your real estate improvement needs.



Who can benefit from DBNC's services?

We expertly serve...

• Home Buyers who want to find or create a home they will love.

• Home Owners who want to update their home for personal use or sale.

• Home Sellers who do not wish to put time and money into updates, but who would like to provide buyers with ideas for what can be done to personalize the home.

• Investor Owners looking to maximize the value and/or cashflow of their property.

How does this approach benefit home buyers?

Home buyers are often faced with the choice of buying a home that is not current in terms of building standards and style sensibilities, or purchasing a home with a price that has been inflated by an investor or "flipper." Investors buy homes at a discount and do upgrades in a way that attempts to make the most profit for the smallest investment. This often results in cosmetic changes that don't necessarily suit a buyer's tastes and needs.

With us, home buyers do not have to choose between living in an outdated home or a home designed by flippers. We help home buyers to customize their new home, often by including the cost of renovations in their mortgage. 

Home buyers frequently:

• Update kitchens or bathrooms.

• Replace the flooring and add paint.

• Add a "granny flat" for personal use or to rent out for additional income.

What kind of financing is available for homeowners wishing to update their homes?

If the cash to build isn't in the bank, we will help with a cash-out refinance that will pay for the improvements. Whether it's a kitchen, bathroom or room addition, let us know what you have in mind and we'll give you a free budget range estimate. Some homeowners benefit from a loan option called a 203K loan which allows the cost of renovations to be included in the mortgage.

Some savvy home owners get creative by adding a "granny flat"  that is rented to tenants or used as a vacation rental to offset their mortgage or the cost of renovations.

What kind of properties does DBNC specialize in?

The properties we work with range from small homes for the first-time home buyer to large multifamily ground-up developments.

What do Owner-Investors get out of working with DBNC?

Investor-owners can count on construction cost transparency from a reputable source when working with DBNC We've been in the construction industry for decades, and our clients always like to see our itemized cost breakdown. Whether it's a single family residence or a multifamily income property, your raw land or tear down is like a blank canvas to us. We'll design then build an eye-catching real estate project, while handling the city or county approval process comprehensively. With additional specific background in income property development, we examine various cash-flow scenarios to determine the best way forward for your investment project.

What can I expect from my experience with DBNC?

We are committed to clear communication and cost transparency in every aspect of our business, whether we are facilitating a simple real estate transaction or providing end-to-end services involving purchase, architectural design, and construction. 

Utilizing our industry-wide expertise and in-depth knowledge of the local building and development industry, we work only with vetted experts and tradesmen with the primary goal of having your real estate improvement or development project completed on time and on budget.



Who will I work with at DBNC?


Ted Borlenghi, Realtor and Designer: With a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and Master's of Architecture/Real Estate Development from Woodbury's San Diego campus, Ted has been working in the fields of architecture and design throughout Southern California for decades. Ted uses 3D modeling software to quickly generate conceptual models that begin guiding the design process. Collaboration with the client employing frequent communication makes the design process clear and easy, all the while keeping the budget in mind. Ted is an asset if your project includes the need for a real estate transaction, or if your real estate transaction does or doesn't include the need for construction. Real estate license CA: 01930536

Evan Pence, General Contractor: Born and raised in the rural North County community of Valley Center, he attended Cal State San Marcos where he earned his Bachelor's Degree in Economics. After graduating, Evan worked as a carpenter framing custom homes throughout North County. He has also spent considerable time on various construction crews, giving him further valuable experience with all related procedures and sequencing. Over the years he has amassed a superior network of key trades to facilitate all components of a construction project. Evan is President of Pence Building Enterprises, Inc and serves as Project Manager: General Contractor license B592853