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By incorporating architectural design with realty, DBNC offers a unique service to both buyers and sellers. While not every property or transaction will utilize our design services, in many cases design plans are a wonderful tool to show a property owner their home's potential and to excite the buyers and capture their imagination. Whether or not DBNC assists with the implementation of upgrades, design plans are a wonderful sales tool.




Option 1: You feel there is no need for upgrades to make a sale. Contact me for a straight forward property listing. 
Option 2: You are thinking of selling your home but there are some improvements that you'd like to make, there are two possible routes:

1. Do improvements prior to listing your property. Some homeowners opt to do improvements prior to listing the property to get top dollar on the sale. In this case we help you to decide which improvements will add the most value, provide you with a competitive and transparent quote for the scope of the project, and complete the project prior to the listing. (Review our services.)
2. List now with improvement design options for buyers.To get listed faster, skip the construction and provide buyers with customizable designs for the parts of the home that need to be improved. This is a free service.
For example:


In the above example, the existing kitchen is clearly out of date and closed off, missing an opportunity to bring in natural light and create an open airy feel. Often buyers feel turned off when kitchens are out of date but lack the insight into how to improve the space, or feel that it is too complicated to do the work. In cases like this, we help buyers to see the diamond in the rough and provide a clear path to creating a space they will love. We make it easy.
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Looking for the right home can be frustrating as so many homes on the market are either badly out of date, not to your taste or needs, or recently updated by a "flipper" who inflated the price.

With DBNC, for no extra charge, you will work with your realtor/designer, Ted Borlenghi, to create customized designs to turn the home you can afford into a home you will love. You will also be provided with a competitive and transparent price to help you decide if upgrades are right for you.


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IN addition to listing homes for sale and finding homes for buyers that may or may not need customization, ted collaborates with listing agents of homes that require renovations and/or improvements.


For sale, fEbruary 2018: featured property


5395 El Arbol, Carlsbad, CA 92008 is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1492 SF home built in 1957. This fixer upper is just a few blocks from the ocean and includes rights to private beach. Along with primarily cosmetic upgrades, this home can be immensely improved by renovating the kitchen as shown above. The dining room is moved to the adjacent space, to allow for a luxurious, eat-in kitchen. The design is prepared exclusively for this home. Buyers, please contact Ted Borlenghi to arrange for a viewing and to begin customizing your home improvements.


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(Note: Some people call me Ed instead of Ted because my legal birth name is Edward.)

(Note: Some people call me Ed instead of Ted because my legal birth name is Edward.)