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Sellers: (a) list your fixer-upper house, (B) Show design proposals
Sell your outdated home by showing buyers custom remodel designs.

buyers: (a) visualize improvements, (b) permits and builder resources
Customize your home as you buy it in a few simple steps.

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• if your home shows well and doesn’t need any upgrades, CONTACT ME FOR A STRAIGHTFORWARD PROPERTY LISTING. 

• if your home needs upgrades and isn’t up to today’s standards…

A. Include 3D renderings in your listing. Your property is sold with photorealistic improvement designs. Don’t pay for the construction. Provide buyers with customizable designs for parts of the home that are out of date. This helps buyers imagine how the home can look after a remodel. Sell in less time. Free designs included in your listing. CALL NOW TO CHAT ABOUT IT

B. Make improvements before listing your property. Some homeowners pay for construction to try to sell for a high price. In this case, I will help you to decide which improvements add the most value. Check in with me to see if it’s feasible before spending the money.

Above: Sample 3D rendering for a home seller that helps the buyers see past the outdated space.


• with an architectural designer as your agent, the not-quite-right house can become the just-right home.

Search active listings to find a property to purchase, or tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll find it for you.

• you’ve identified a house in the right neighborhood but it falls short of being the perfect home. I will help you customize it.

Get design ideas while working with me.

3D renderings help dial in customizations.

Bring your own ideas to the table and I’ll help you visualize them.

Kitchens, master bathrooms, outdoor covered living areas with BBQ.

Add an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) or “granny flat.”

adu’s may be attached or detached, or above a garage.


Real Estate Agent with Background in Architecture
Edward Albert Borlenghi (Ted), Realtor Lic.# 01930536
Bachelor’s in Architecture, Cal Poly, SLO
Master’s in Real Estate Development, Woodbury
CONTACT 858-692-5478 email: edward.borlenghi

Real estate goals are met with a personal touch, to make a property serve its purpose while fulfilling the client’s needs and vision.”

Edward offers architectural insight to enlighten real estate transactions.

“My expertise in architecture and construction brings valuable insight to real property decisions, and my design services enhance homes for sellers and improve homes for buyers.”


  • Sellers with homes that haven’t been updated in years: Avoid selling at a low price to an investor who will flip your house.

  • Buyers who found a home that needs improvement: Design renderings help you see past outdated conditions and envision your remodel or addition.

  • Developers who want to generate income from real estate: A budget pro forma with costs and revenue, along with site planning and architecture, helps determine project performance, feasibility, and style.



Edward Borlenghi, Agent license 01930536
• Bachelor’s degree in Architecture
• Master’s degree in Real Estate Development
Direct: 858-692-5478


Contact me to let me know how I can help you. My office team, transaction coordinator and I are experienced and prepared to assist you with your real estate transaction. Clients served are both sellers and buyers, and any design requirements you may have are purely optional. We look forward to working with you to achieve your real estate goals.